Google On-Hub SRT-AC1900



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    Zane, appreciate your kind words.  will let our engineering and designers know. 

     i assume the on-hub's are running in access point mode?  

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    Zane S


    I have two Google On-Hub Routers, the first one has the Verizon Fios cable connected from the ONT box to this router. All the NAT is happening from this unit, and if i look in the device mode of this router in the google wifi app the options for device mode are grayed out  and it says the device mode has been automatically set.

    I have a Lan out cable connected to a pass through switch for devices which may require wired connections and since the primary router is in NAT(standard) mode its providing dhcp support to devices connected wired or wireless mode.


    The second on-hub router is connected to this primary on-hub router in bridge mode to extend the WIFI coverage and from the LAN port of this second router i have plugged in the Firewalla unit and that is working fine for me as i can pickup devices in the simple mode of Firewalla. I don't see disconnections or network interruptions with this configuration.

    Please let me know if you have further questions.

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