Firewalla beta issues



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    1. For FireTV, double check if you blocked anything in rules.  If there is no block, likely be something else, send support info to

    2. For the VPN part, are you using Simple or DHCP mode?  What VPN it is? (Microsoft?)

    3. Might be related to (1)

    Send us privately

    1. your router model

    2. support information 

    thanks, we will hunt the problem down. 

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    Shawn Whiteside

    I have a similar issue with the new Blue Firewalla on the beta team.

    I use a Roku streaming device and the SlingTV app. When using the new Blue Firewalla, I no longer can receive streaming feeds for any of the sports channels included in my SlingTV subscription, nor can I watch any of the programs that have been recorded on SlingTV cloud under my account. I stopped Firewalla monitoring on the Roku device and was able to begin watching the recorded programs, but the sports channels still do not work.




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