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    Firewalla is a network layer device.  It is not VLAN aware, and only can be applied to a specific network subnet.  For example, if you have 2 VLAN, and each with their own IP network, then two Firewalla is needed.    At the moment, Firewalla can not be attached to a trunk port, only access port. 

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    Jeremy Markle

    Feature request? Need all that extra CPU to process all those packets...

    Would be nice to have a solution to implement for multiple segments.

    New LattePanda came out. Could be a good use case for all that CPU. Steep ticket for it though.

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    Marcos Vidal martinez

    i think is necesary adapt firewalla for work with diferents vlan o lans subnets much people need it, for example me too, i use 2 networks with all my clients, one for voip and other for lan, i need 2 firewallas for monitorize all? dont understund it.

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    This depend on how you want connect.  If you want to plug firewalla into a VLAN trunking port, then it will not work, it is too costly for us to store information from multiple networks.  This is a consumer / SOHO / small business device, so majority of our customers likely don't understand what a trunking port is.  For such situations, we do recommend couple boxes, may be the red for voice and the blue for everything else. 

    Will we support VLAN's in the future, not sure yet. 

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