IOS changes MAC address



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    @Basil, do you have a network extender in your network?  that can also mess around with mac addresses. 

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    Basil McCrea

    Thanks for coming back.  Yes, I do have a network extender on the network, but I thought the issue was to do with Apple dynamically changing the MAC addresses on IOS to prevent instore tracking.  In anycase, my problem is that the MAC addresses are changing.  I need a work around for this.  If I went to a mesh wifi network would I have the same problem. 

    Also my Amazon Alexa device is reporting contact with a video site which obviously it cant do because it has no video, but I presume this is just an identification error?  Does tt just means that my Alexa devices are communicating with Amazon cloud and this is identified as a video source?

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    @Basil, it is very likely the problem is the network extender.  Is it a TP-Link?  What happens, when it tries to relay between two networks, it will make your device a new MAC address.  iOS a while back had randomization, I don't think it is active now. 

    As MAC is the only viable way for anyone to identify devices, it should not be changed.  

    If you go with a mesh network such as Google wifi, Netgear Orbi, Linksys Velop, they will transparently bridge your devices without messing with MAC addresses.  (plus these can provide far better connections than extenders).  I would go with these.  All three mesh routers will work with firewalla.


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