Installation on raspberry pi 3 cannot pair with app



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    The raspberry pi image is too old now.  Due to the limited time and resource we have, we have abandoned raspberry pi for now.    So the best way is to get the Firewalla Red or Blue

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    Geert Knaapen

    Okay, thank you very much!

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    No problem, once we have a deep pocket, we will make the Raspberry pi work.

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    Jeremy Markle

    If you throw a good clean debian jessie on you should be able to throw the latest from github on. the armv7l arch worked fine for me on another box. the only things that need to change are...

    I used the buildraw_aarch64 script as it had a newer commit and still included arch armv7l.

    Bro requires GCC5 which you will have to pull from the debian testing repo. Instructions linked in following

    firewalla.service and fireupdate.service systemd files both list redis.service but it should be redis-server.service. they will both fail until you fix that. i think you need to kill fireupdate.service because i think it keeps changing and breaking my systemd files. not sure haven't spent much time digging into it.

    The install instructions need to be updaetd as well. The docker/Dockerfile2 shows newer commit and has the installer su as pi to install the firewalla files. The doesn't even state a pi user. /home/pi is slapped all over multiple files as a static value rather than using the FIREWALLA_HOME variable at the top of most of the files so don't bother trying to change it. comply and save yourself the headache.

    This shouldn't fix your QR code issue but should allow you to build an updated system. happy hacking.

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    Hi, do we know if there have any further updates, I am having same issue - no QR code for RPi



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