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    Cujo, Dojo, Bitdefender are Firewalla in DHCP mode.  It may be tricky to layer these because they are all operating at the same layer.  But ... if you want to do something, this may work.  (we have not tried but in theory)  The key is Firewalla Simple mode, which is unique to us.  (I believe Cujo and bitdefender also have a bridge mode, which may or may not work for you). 

    • Router -> Cujo or Dojo -> Firewalla in Simple Mode.

    Here, we put firewalla into the Simple mode, which likely to be able to be used under the virtual network under Cujo/Dojo.  So your first layer protection is Firewalla in simple mode, then cujo/dojo.

    • Router ->  Firewalla Simple Mode -> Cujo / Dojo -> (virtual network)

    Here, Firewalla is again in Simple mode.  It should be able to monitor traffic from cujo and dojo.  First layer protection is cujo/dojo and then Firewalla.

    And if you ask about Circle

    Circle is Firewalla in Simple mode.  So, the only way to run them on the same network is NOT have them both monitor the same devices.  Example, Circle monitor kids laptops / iphone.  Firewalla does the rest.  We do have a few users does this.  

    And if you accidentally turn both at all hosts at the same time, your network will be totally shut down ... :) which is fun things to play with. 


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