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    Colin, the outside scan is really a box on the internet scanning your home IP network.  When it is not completing, likely something in the middle is causing it to hang.  We will look at it this afternoon. 

    Also if you have a firewalla box, the best way for an external scan is tap open port button, then you will have a scan triggered by the firewalla box.  (rather than the app).

    If you trigger by tapping the app external scan, the server will scan the network that your phone is attached to. 

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    Hi there, I also have the same problem but when i scan from  outside with a VPN on my phone. It shows some port

    port open.

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    If you use the button on iOS app called "Outside Scan", make sure your iPhone is on the same network as your home network.  If not, the scan will be targeted at the network iPhone is at. 

    (The inside scan and outside scan are independent features from Firewalla box)

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