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    Firewalla Red does have a system-wide limit of 100megabits.  Reason for this is, the Firewalla box is a real Intrusion Prevention System.  It will do following to your packets

    1. Assemble the metadata
    2. Examine protocols, including certificates
    3. For specific protocols like SSH, it looks for common attacks 
    4. Automatically blocks traffic inline. 

    How to get around this limit?

    Since Firewalla is a virtual device,  you can tell it to only look at certain devices.  For example, HD 4K TV costs around 20 megabits per second, and to save that 20 megabits, you can tap on device->tap on TV -> and turn monitor mode off.  This will tell Firewalla to ignore TV's traffic.  The ignore action tells the traffic to go around Firewalla.

    Bandwidth:  The only time you will see traffic shaping is when your home network is aggregate bandwidth at that particular moment is > 100 megabits.  Such as, you are streaming 5 4K TV shows at the same time from Netflix.  If you just have one machine browsing web, you should not see any difference.  

    P2P is yet another strange beast, it is made to consume bandwidth; if you are doing P2P we advise you leave it outside of firewalla.  P2P traffic generates too many flows, and these flows will cause memory usage on Firewalla to increase in a short period.  And if the content is popular, this action can reboot Firewalla. 

    Speed/Latency:  This is how fast the content comes to you.  Firewalla does add a tinny bit of latency, that's minor compared to packets traveling on the internet.  So if you are just browsing the web by yourself and all other 5 TV's turned off, you shouldn't see the difference.



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    Saurabh Shah

    I'm seeing an issue where no matter what device I run a bandwidth test on, I don't see speeds greater than 30Mb.  Late at night when I'm the only one using the internet, I can say with confidence that there no other devices consuming a total of 70Mb across the network.  When I turn monitoring off, I can see bandwidth speeds of 250Mb which is normal given that we have 400Mb service.  

    Is there a fix or a setting for this?  Theoretically, if there is minimal bandwidth usage across the rest of the network, should a single monitored device be able to get close to the full 100Mb cap?

    On Firewalla Blue, with the system-wide limit be bumped to 1Gb?  Same question on the theoretical limit for a single device running monitored under Firewalla Blue.

    My router is a new Portal Wifi router

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