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    Chris, here is the reply "

    Chris, firewalla is a small physical device that plugs into your router, and to control it, you will need an iPhone or Android device.   So it will be able to monitor network traffic from the windows machine, not you don't really install it on the windows OS. 


    There is no software to install on the device, this box will look at your network traffic.  So it is transparent.   But, be aware, this is not a antivirus, it can not see through encrypted traffic. 

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    Ricardo Montero

    I wasn't clear on the answer that was given since I had the same question. To be clear, It's required to initially configure the firewall the app based on your phone, Apple ios or Andriod. Once configured, the Firewall will be assigned an IP address in which you can enter the ip address in a browser similar to a traditional Firewall. I'm guessing you will have the ability to control the firewall from either webrowser or app?

    I just wanted to know if there is flexabiltyin control the unit in the event something were to happen with your phone..

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    Ricardo,  The iOS or Android apps are the only way to control the box.  There is no web interface.   Firewalla can be paired with multiple phones, so you can have two or more phones talking to it as a backup.  

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