Suggestions on Mesh Network Routers that work well with Firewalla



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    Melvin Tu

    I'm using Google Wifi Mesh (3 Wifi points) for over one year, very stable with Firewalla simple mode. (I connected Firewalla to my primary wifi point)


    • My apartment is about 1600 sqft. (one wifi point in living room, the other two in two bedrooms)
    • Guest network isolation works, but i'm not using it.
    • You can manage ports in Google Wifi app.
    • 5G band signal is very strong even in apartment corder. Not using 2.4G very much. Roaming between wifi points is very stable and transparent.



    Adding one more wifi point is pretty easy, and I have not used any other mesh products.


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    I just upgraded my home network from a Nighthawk 7800 to a Ubiquiti Unifi system which will do everything you've requested with enterprise level management and scaling. It's working perfectly for me with the Firewalla Blue in simple mode within it's own vlan/SSID to only protect the pc/phone based clients, and I have all of my IOT and infrastructure devices separated into their own vlan/SSID's.

    Couldn't recommend the Unifi system enough.

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    Saurabh Shah

    Thanks for the responses.  I ended up going with PortalWifi and things have been very stable with Firewalla red.  My only concern is that any speed test only returns 30MB down when on Firewalla Red when the device is being monitored by Firewalla.

    The Portal was a fairly inexpensive solution.  I do need to look into finding a solution with VLANs.  Will look at the Ubiqutiti but I doubt it will cost me as little as the portal did.

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