Devices no longer in the "Device list" getting automatic block alarms



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    Support Team

    Hi Johas,

    Are you running beta version? Did you turn on the naughty monkey feature? If that feature is on, it may randomly create some fake alarms for testing purpose. This iPad alarm may come from the monkey feature. If this is the case, you may turn off the monkey feature unless you really want to turn that on.


    For the "Ignore this warning" wording, the UI should be improved. It may use "Archive" instead of "ignore..", which, as you said, just removes it off the alarm list. It does not mean it will ignore in the future.







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    Jonas Wennberg


    As usaual, a superfast answer, which explains it, i am running beta and the naughty monkey feature, thanks then i know, i was really mostly curious :-)


    Sounds great, yeah "ignore" is somewhat missleading :-)

    All my questions answered, i am happy!!

    Keep up the good work.

    Best regards


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