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    Asad Syed

    Can you tell me the first half of MAC address of your devices?

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    Asad, the MAC address for firewalla is a hash, the first byte is always 02, which is a private MAC.   For your situations, best is to do this.  A few things that may influence the pairing process.

    1. make sure your phone and walla are on the same network. 

    2. make sure firewalla when booting will have access and there is no 'other things' that may block things like NTP.  Firewalla needs to sync up the clock, otherwise, it will not do anything.  (Also do not block bonjour ... or other protocols)

    3. next when booting, make sure the external lights near ethernet is only one green flashing.

    4. look inside firewalla and make sure the light is steady (no blinking / or off )  a steady light is an indication Firewalla is fully ready to be paired.

    5.  The initial pairing window is short, should be around 1 hour.

    6. Additional bindings will be around 10 min or so. 


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