VPN traffic not displayed?



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    Jacky, do you mean you can't see any of the traffic from the Synology device?  (I assume you see traffic from other sources).  If that's the case, 

    1. check if you have synology in monitoring mode.  

    2. see if vpn is using ipv6, if it is, you can switch to beta mode, our production software is not yet ipv6 ready

    3. if above are not true, let me know what VPN  you are using.  We can look around

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    I've waited some days to answer in order to wait another time when the sinology should have to make some traffic.

    My Synology is monitored. Ipv6 is activated using the beta mode.

    From this morning, my Synology is making p2p traffic via purevpn service. In the device list, under its name I can read "file-sharing", but in the device details not traffic is shown.... zero traffic. Since all traffic is via VPN I assumed to find out all generic traffic to the PureVPN server, for sure without any kind of recognition, but no traffic is displayed.

    What to you think? Should this traffic at list shown as amount of sent and received packets? 

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