DNS queries taking way too long



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    Jeff Lane

    I don't understand why this is still "Pending Approval"  

    Unfortunately, I have had to remove Firewalla from my network.  The DNS request delays were causing all manner of issues with all our devices, and impacting my work (I work from home and am dependent on a solid, reliable connection).

    So Firewalla is now gone and the DNS issues have disappeared.

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    Jeff, the approval is done via Zendesk, they have some magic that detects SPAM, and flag it and wait until we approve it.  

    Appreciate your feedback. 

    As of the DNS speed, we will look at it now.  We have a dnsmasq server that provides DNS cache, so in theory, it should really speed up the queries.   

    I assume you are not using family mode or adblocking mode?  If you do, turn both off and give it a try, it will help us debug the problem. 



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    Melvin Tu

    Hi Jeff,

    It does look strange. Actually no matter whether you specified @ in dig command or not, the traffic will always pass through Firewalla. Basically any 53 traffic will be redirected and cached by dnsmasq, and dnsmasq uses your home local DNS server as upstream or a family dns server as upstream if family mode is on.


    If you can provide us one-time remote support token, we can remote debug and find it out.

    Remote support can be turned on by Settings => Help & Support => Remote Support


    Sorry for the trouble.






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