Social media / App blocking not working reliably



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    Can you give us an example of the blocking rule that's not working? And how did you do the testing?

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    John Cleveland

    Yes of course. 

    I'm using a MacBook Pro and an iPad as my test devices (similar to what my daughter will be using).  These are both connected to the same WiFi network.  


    The Purple is set as the Router and directly receives the internet directly from the fiber-to-ethernet box/cable.  The Google Router/Wifi is plugged into the LAN port of the Purple and is set to bridge mode.  The Google Router/Wifi LAN ports are connected to an unmanaged ethernet switch which connected several hardwired devices and Mesh routers.  


    I have set the Rules for both devices to be the same.  Both have Social Media and Video Blocked.  Additionally I have enabled App Control to block Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, YouTube, TikTok, and YouTube.  


    I reset/restarted all devices – including the Purple


    Testing method.  I utilize two browsers Safari & DuckDuck Go on the Macbook )Safari only on the iPad) to attempt to access the website for Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, TikTok and YouTube – these tests were conducted in both the regular browser and private browser.  For the iPad, I have an added step of using the above-mentioned apps to access content.  



    Laptop:  Blocking fully successful - unable to access any of the above-mentioned sites through

    iPad:  Mixed results –


    Before restarting devices:  blocking access was nearly a complete failure – meaning I could access content from nearly every website and app – with TikTok being the only app fully blocked on both browser and app. 


    After Restarting devices:  blocking access was almost a complete success.  Blocking access to the sites via Safari browser was fully successful - I could not reach the sites.   App-based access was a little different - the Facebook app allowed me to access, reload, and explore content without an issue.  



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