Docker with no network inside its containers


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    Michael Bierman

    Hi Glauco,

    You are perhaps asking a few different questions.

    Firewalla attempts to self heal in many ways so some things will work even if you mess up (at least to a degree). So some things may be removed from time to to time. 

    If you are looking for something to restore things that may get wiped out when Firewalla reboots or upgrades, see this article.  

    If you need to run some command on a schedule, you can use user cron jobs. 

    If you want to backup your cron jobs and scripts, I wrote a backup script.

    If your concern is mistakes with docker, you need to be patient, ask for help if needed, and get familiar with how to repair any damage docker can do. Prune appropriately (or you will run out disk space and firewalla may crash), and learn how to stop, start, install, and unisntall docker containers. If you want to run them on Firewalla, that's fine but there is some risk. Worst case, you may need to flash your firewalla and restore your settings (and of course any scripts etc. that you spent time writing.) 


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