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    Support Team

    Hi, @Rich T. Thanks for taking an interest in the MSP VPN Mesh feature. For local network traffic, it's as you described, there are tunnels between all three boxes: 1->2, 1->3, 2->3, 2->1, 3->1, 3->2.

    For Internet traffic, the ability to route one box's Internet traffic through another box is not supported yet. The design team is working on it, and we'd be very appreciative If you could share more about your use cases and potential network topology.

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    Rich T.

    Mine are home use (self, 2 grown children). I use the VPN(s) pretty regularly:

    • At work, VPN to home / RDP to avoid any work snooping.
    • At their apartments, VPN to my home with Work laptop, which also creates a tunnel to work.
    • Daughters' apartment, I have a selective VPN route to my home so Netflix password sharing still works
    • Use third party VPN on occasion.

    I don't really have a need for the MSP, but signed up for the trial to check it out (very cheap for trial). I currently don't even have the boxes added there as I didn't like the "managed from the web" notice in the app and didn't see any real benefit (for me).

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