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    Arijit Panda

    Depends on how you would like the system to have IP addressing.

    There are three distinct way you can achieve it.

    1. Each network is marked to specific port in Firewalla

    2. Private/work on same lan port but seperated by VLAN

    3. All running on the same port seperated by VLAN



    this is simplest and most hardware intensive also. You will have to connect individual hardware to each of the port. All of the devices can be connected or used in a specific way but is not the most radio effective solution as all the wifi signals generated by Mesh and eero pro will create radio interference and reduce the speed of the network but you will get the most network segregation in this scenario.


    You will need knowledge of VLAN tagging to achieve this configuration.

    Herein Private and Work can be tagged to one port of the firewalla and one of the Aruba can be master node and other one can be a slave.

    You can use the unmanaged switch and eero pro to run all the IoT devices connected and wireless which is connected to another port of the Firewalla port.


    This will be most completed connection you be creating. VLAN knowledge is required very much and then also you will run with IoT devices and its compatibility issue. I will not suggest this way of connection at all.


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    Firewalla is looking at if it makes sense for them to make APs that are VLAN capable. Just something to think about if you can wait.


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