Help to obtain Hosts(Devices) and their groups



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    Michael Bierman

    Hi @Straccio, 

    Groups are a Firewalla construct and I don't believe you can use them with nextdnscli. 

    nextdnscli can act on mac addresses, IPs, IP ranges, and entire networks. 

    I wrote a script that makes it pretty easy to install and configure profiles to different devices.

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    Hi Michael ,
    thanks for the reply.
    I already know your work, but i prefer to expand functionality through docker in order to take more clean the firewall.
    I have successfully moved the NextDNS cli in docker and like you have done added it to dnsmasq and all work.
    At this time i have write a script, thanks to node-firewalla (modified for some extra info) i can read devices and groups from the firewall and build a configuration file for NextDNS that map firewalla group/network to a profile in NextDNS. And boom i have automated that config.
    I don't like this solution, because it's use a certificate in order to comunicate with firewalla and for security reason i wan't to put that script inside firewalla.
    There's no way to create a read-only user.

    I have explored the local api access by enabling it in ~/firewalla/api/app-local.js in order to get some info from the firewall itself, but these api are missing the group name and are incomplete.

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