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    Michael Bierman

    In terms of recommendations, it really is best to start by deciding what your requirements are.

    Do you want VLANs now or in the future? This allows you to separate work and personal devices, IoT devices, Guests, etc.

    How "geeky" do you want to be? Do you want a lot of bells and whistles, or do you want a "set and forget" kind of situation.

    What speeds do you need/want?

    Do you want the option of wireless/wired backhaul to connect the APs? Wired is always better when possible, but sometimes wiring is expensive or impossible.

    A few brands that come up often from discussions:

    • Aruba
    • eero
    • Orbi/Orbi Pro
    • Omada
    • Unifi

    Oribi Pro, Omada, and Unifi all offer VLANs. Orbi Pro is a bit simpler to set up but isn't as feature rich.

    There are lots of great discussions in the Firewalla groups on Reddit and Facebook as well as here.

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    John Shepherd

    Thank you very much for the excellent details! I went with TP Link Deco AX3000. My network is me and my wife and our multiple devices so I'm not needy regarding bells n whistles. I appreciate your willingness to help.

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