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    If you do have a 'bad' actor around, the best way is to ensure there is the physical security of the box. If you don't have that, there is absolutely no way to ensure the 'bad' actor who ha physical access can be avoided.

    I'd suggest following

    1. Lock your firewalla ... (physical security)

    2. Pull out the Red Dongle (and hide it)

    Of course, there are ways to train the bad actor to behave, but ... that's another long topic ... 


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    Bertrand Florat

    Thanks, this is great, I never heard about this 'red security dongle'.

    @other users: I tested and apparently, it is the Bluetooth receptor used for initial pairing. Unplugged it prevents any additional pairing directly from the firewalla device. Don't forget to disable additional pairing from phone to phone from the firewalla app / advanced menu as well to prevent pairing globally.

    Why don't you document more this 'feature' ? If I'm not wrong, there is almost any explanation about it except to check it is plugged in the troubleshooting section. His nature and function is never explained AFAIK. Is it only for Gold version ?

    For ie, here (, your advice is to hide the QRCode sticker but unplugging and hiding the red security dongle should be enough, doesn't it ?

    PS: My firewalla device has always been installed in a locked rack but my kid already learned to pick locks on Internet ;-) We now call him 'bad actor', very good description indeed  lol ;-)

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