Cannot Disable DHCP Server on the new Xfinity XB8 Gateway


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    Michael Bierman

    Do you have IPv6 service? Some Xfinity customers do and some do not. If you don't, this shoudn't be an issue. Also, does the XB8 have the ability to disable IPv6 DHCP? (I can't find a manual for this device). If it does, this shouldn't be an issue for you. DHCP mode would be fine in either case. 

    However, If you put XB8 in the bridge, but then you can't use the XB8 Wi-Fi. 

    In addition, if you already activated xFi Pods, you won't be able to enable Bridge Mode. Learn more about network settings required with xFi Pods.


    Can I use Pods if my xFi Gateway is in Bridge Mode?
    No. xFi features, including Pods, are only available if you rent a compatible xFi Gateway for internet and WiFi access and the device is not in Bridge Mode. See Using Bridge Mode on your gateway for more detail.

    What is the speed Xfinity delivers to you? 

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