Gold works with Eero? and any memorial day sale?


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    Both older eero units (pro and none pro) and the new eero wifi 6 (pro and none pro) units work fairly well with the Gold in AP/Bridge mode.  The only thing you need to remember when you are connecting them and doing ethernet backhaul is to connect the satellite units to the main unit and don't connect them all to Firewalla. (this is a restriction from eero mesh, nothing to do with Firewalla)

    And sorry, we will not have a sale for a while.  

    The global semiconductor shortage is causing a huge spike in our supply chain. We are not as bad as the auto industry, but we still see some parts price going up 10x of what's there before the pandemic. And some parts, we can't even find anymore (or easily). The blue is getting hit the most and the price is very close to the blue+.

    We are trying our best to keep pricing the same, or at worst slightly adjust pricing up to compensate the supply chain.


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