Unifi Protect and UniFi Cloud Key Plus


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    Gary Ownsby

    Hello.  I can't address your "Deco" stuff but I can address using a Firewalla Gold with a large Ubiquiti network (130 devices).

    Firewalla Gold plays fine with a USG Pro 4 Security Gateway when you set up Firewalla Gold as a "Simple Mode", i.e., behind the USG.  If you put it in front of your USG, then devices downstream of the USG will be hidden/invisible to the Firewalla Gold.  For instance, alerts will come through with a generic alert type reference but you can't tell what device is doing something.  So my advice is to use Simple Mode...then everything works.

    If you use Firewalla's VPN function, you will simply open the VPN port on Firewalla and on the USG so they can pass traffic.  If you have specialized devices that require specific ports to be open, no problem...generally just open a port on Firewalla and the USG.

    'Hope that helps.



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