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    We just updated 1.972 to Gold Production, so you are getting the right update.  https://help.firewalla.com/hc/en-us/articles/1500003521641-App-Release-1-45-WireGuard-Strict-Ad-blocker-Blocking-Stats-and-more-

    Each update will generate a notification, and you should see it.  With it, if you are on the 1.45 app version, you should get an alarm with a pointer to the release notes. 

    • For updates that may disturb your data path, or requires a reboot, you will have to confirm. (so far, we have not updated anything that requires you to do this, but the function is there). 
    • There will be notifications after an update.
    • There will also be an alarm generated with a pointer to the release notes in the "alarm button". (assume you use the latest app)
    • There is no way to revert back.  But if you do running into issues, please contact us at help@firewalla.com, we can fix these issues fairly quickly.
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