Wifi Keeps going down


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    The best way to debug such problems is this

    When the problem occurs, try this first, on wifi

    1. ping firewalla gateway // if this fails, it means firewalla is down or your wifi is down, go to next section. 

    2. ping // if this fails, likely your modem is down, reboot it please

    3. nslookup firewalla.com // if this fails, and above all good, dns is not good, please check. in case you have pi-hole 

    If failed from step (1)

    1. connect a device via ethernet to firewalla (or via a switch).  

    2. ping

    3. ping firewalla IP address

    if (2) fails and (3) is good, restart your modem.

    If (2) fails and (3) fails, create a ticket with us (email help@firewalla.com)

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