Purple with Circle for parental controls?


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    Michael Bierman

    Regardless of Circle, wire your eeros correctly https://help.firewalla.com/hc/en-us/articles/13624553641875 Looks like you are o.k. from what you said... 

    I  have not tried circle on the same network as FW but I tend to think that having overlapping solutions is not always a good thing. More is not always better. Some things will set off alarms on one or the other that are not things to be alarmed about. Firewalla allows you to mute alarms—not sure what Circle's capabilities are. 

    Assuming you can silence the irrelevant, if one thing blocks something incorrectly it means you have to hunt through whose fault it is and possibly make exceptions on both devices. This is far too complex and annoying for my taste. I'm confident enough in Firewalla that it can do the job and I would not add something like circle to my network. My $0.02

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