Can not reset Firewalla to factory resets



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    Don, we will put a small warning on the factory reset part.  After each reset, it may take a while to have the box come up. The box will have to pull all the updated software again.  

    Let's fix the problem in reverse:

    o.  The factory reset should be stable.  So let's assume it went successfully.

    1. Plugin firewalla, and wait until the two lights are on.  (this is the normal booted state, and waiting for connection)  This may take a while, the Firewalla box usually does upgrades ... checks ...
    2. Make sure your iPhone and firewalla are on the same network.  (they can not be one guest and the other on main network)
    3. Launch App
    4. You should see a new icon pop up. 

    o. On your initial problem, after reset, are you able to successfully connect to Firewalla via the app? (you shouldn't since Firewalla doesn't remember your phone anymore, you should get a connection error).   If you can let us know. 


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    Don Kay

    I can run through everything, but number 4.

    I plug in the Firewalla and wait until the two lights are on, leave it alone for about 10 minutes for it to boot and download updates.

    The Firewalla and phone are on the same network.

    I launch the app and the only two icons I can see are Inside Scan and Outside Scan.

    I verify I have Bluetooth turned on and open up the Firewalla app again...leave it there for 5 minutes.

    Unfortunately, there is no Firewalla Icon that shows up.

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    To put us on the same page, I recorded this video

    Take a look and see if your lights behave like what it is here.  (see the lights in video).  

    Since there is a few factory resets and including a forced reset, we need to ensure the software is still intact.  

    During boot, firewalla will do following:

    1. pull the latest code.

    2. start listen for new devices to pair.  (about 30 min if new install or around 8 min if reboot but already paired)

    The pairing information is broadcasted out so your phone should be in the same broadcast domain to receive.  Bluetooth is only used for old Raspberry pi users. 

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