What is being uploaded to firewalla.com?



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    There should be no upload to Firewalla.com.   That domain is mainly for your ddns and our administrative web servers.   There is another domain which is firewalla.encipher.io, which we use for our cloud cluster.

    The uploads are consists of following:

    1. Periodically checking for security intelligence.  (sending a hashed header)

    2. Aggregated 'behavior data' which is again, a bundle of hashed header.   This happens once per 15 min, should be low volume.

    3. And daily there may be some side traffic to check your device health.  this data is small.

    The only time we see data goes higher is through P2P use.   The flows will increase the transmission of traffic. (p2p uses many destination addresses, which causes more lookups.)

    If you are using P2P, we do advice to put that device into none monitoring mode.   Otherwise, the cloud side may throttle the lookups. 

    If you are not using P2P, feel free to send a note to help@firewalla.com by

    [launch app, tap on gear, tap on support, tap on send us email] 

    By hash: 

    We take the SHA256 of the ip header (source/destination).  


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    George, just saw your other thread.  The 300MB is likely from your VPN traffic to Firewalla. 

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    George Wilhelm

    Doh.  That was exactly it.  I should have guessed that myself, but verified it experimentally.  

    So far... I am really impressed with this little device.

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    Thanks, George!  Will relay your feedback to the team.  Enjoy the product, we put a lot of our heart into it.

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