Android Device List screen issues



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    Craig, the name of the device goes with the MAC address, not the IP address.   So this likely be a bug, or the MAC address of some of your devices changed. (some iOS or Android) has this privacy feature, which randomize MAC.  take look at the new MAC, if they start with 02.

    Android like be a UI bug, so stay tuned, will open a ticket internally to track this.

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    i too am seeing a device multiple times in my list with different IP. Curious is Firewalla app has a bug when renaming the core device. I have previously changed the name of device "Firewalla" to another name and shortly there after (maybe was the next update) is when i noticed a new device named Firewalla, yet the core device in list (i can tell by IP and icon) retains my custom name.

    I have combined the 3 screenshots (from my HTC) into one image if support needs to see my list...just ping me and Ill open support ticket or whatever you suggest.

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    Craig Hammersmith

    Topher, do you have a Wi-Fi extender, or multiple extenders on your network?

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