VPN in Iphone 6



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    Hi John.  we didn't implement one of the special protocols that Apple devices required in the initial version.  (it will be there in the next version for sure).  So for now, the plugin and play feature is not there.  Please use this instead


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    Andy Taylor

    I can connect via OpenVPN on my iPhone 6S


    EDIT - apologies, I didn't see it was an issue with Apple routers!

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    Andy, it is not apple router problem, it is just apple like to use a different technology. Others=>upnp, apple=> NATPMP, and us, we picked the popular one.   And we already have NATPMP running, so likely in the next code drop, all apple routers will be plugin and play with VPN.

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    Bill Levin


    I get a connection timeout on my iPhone 6s on OpenVPN

    It worked initially but I cannot get it to work now.

    I have an Arris TG1682G router from Xfinity and an iMac



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