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    Michael Bierman

    So I think you mean to say that no traffic is allowed between Building A and B except for traffic to printers and storage? The answer is that is doable with Firewalla on both sides. I don't know which TP-Link you have so I don't know if that is possible in this case.

    I'm not sure what you mean about the port question. Can you elaborate what you need to do? 

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    We want traffic between both buildings so a PC in building B can print to a printer in building A or a PC in A can get to a  storage server in building B.


    For "port" I meant that the network ports that are used for DHCP are 67 and 68  and if a PC in B request an IP address sometimes the router in A will answer and will get an IP and a gateway in A and use that path and the other way around.

    We are wanting this because the buildings are 1/4 from each other and use an antenna to connect. Each building has its own ISP.  Building B holds our Library database and building A has a library kiosk. 



    As I was righting this I think I solved our issue.... We don't need  to stop the DHCP ports as we will make the kiosk go to antenna and not the wold network on the antenna. So each area is it's own seperate network.


    Sorry to use your time....



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