Flash to Ubuntu 22.04 from 18.04



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    You can go directly to 20.04

    As of support for 18.04, we still will be supporting that release with security updates as with any other release.

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    Mike Rodrigues

    I just flashed directly from the Ubuntu 18.04 image that my Firewalla Gold came with when I first got it back in 2020 to the latest Ubuntu 22.04 image since Ubuntu 18.04 is at the end of its standard support window as of tomorrow, May 31st. I was honestly nervous that it was going to be a painful process, but it was incredibly smooth and everything migrated over from my original configuration. The only hurdle I ran into was that the only USB flash drive I had around was USB 2.0, so it was sitting on "loading initial ramdisk" during the flashing process for easily 30 minutes before I called it off, went to the store and bought a 128GB USB 3.1 flash drive for ~$15 which was significantly faster (~2 seconds to get past the "loading initial ramdisk" step). The flashing process and setup took 20-30 minutes total from the first shutdown until it was back up and traffic was flowing again. Honestly, amazing job Firewalla team for making firmware updates an incredibly smooth process.

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