Firewalla Router Mode Configuration Guides




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    Stephanie Hudson

    An example of a Starlink with failover to cellular modem would be great!

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    H F


    In this document,

    Firewalla Router Mode Configuration Guides

    under the heading: 

    What is the best Access Point for Router Mode?

    Any access point should work nicely with the Firewalla Router Mode. Some of the access points may require controller software, and some of them can be installed on the Gold/Purple see

    You say one can use the info linked to install "on the Gold/Purple"....

    But when one goes to that linked article, the article starts off with

    • This is for Firewalla Gold series boxes n Router Mode only.
    • Installing Unifi Controller on Firewalla Purple series boxes is not recommended due to memory restriction.

    SO the obvious question is:      Which is correct?

    Can the UniFi Controller be run on a Purple ?

    Can the UniFI Controller be run on a Purple SE ?

    Thank you for clarifying  the information and for correcting the 2 articles.


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