How deep does firewalla look at network packets?




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    Tom Goss

    Will Firewalla ever develop or compile a single document titled "Firewalla User Guide"?  I can locate most of the articles published and compile my own User Guide, but I know I will be missing some articles and probably important ones.

    This would be a nice feature for you to have on your web page:  a menu item that allows a user to "compile" current articles/guides/instructions, into a single .pdf document.  This would be similar to the feature that wikipedia offers to download articles from their web-page. 

    I have seen this feature on web-sites that deal with products and/or technology that are changing and users are uploading vetted information that others will find useful.

    This feature would make Firewalla, ALL versions of your product, a much easier to use and understand product and your implementation of the "FIREWALL" technology.


    Tom Goss

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