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    Chris Hewitt

    I’m not a Samba fan and why install something new when the functionality already exists.

    SSHFS (SSH Filesystem) is a filesystem client based on FUSE for mounting remote directories over an SSH connection. SSHFS is using the SFTP protocol, which is a subsystem of SSH and it is enabled by default on most SSH servers.

    When compared to other network file system protocols such as NFS and Samba the advantage of SSHFS is that it does not require any additional configuration on the server side. To use SSHFS you only need SSH access to the remote server - which we already have.

    Because SSHFS uses SFTP , all transmitted data between the server and the client is encrypted and decrypted. This results with a slightly degraded performance compared to NFS, and higher CPU usage on the client and server.

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    Kevin Lengel

    Is there a way to do a bulk rule upload via the Firewalla cmdline?  Defining multiple rules in the UI is a bit tedious.  

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