Will Firewalla work on Raspberry Pi? X86?




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    Wouter Dijkstra

    Hi !, any progress in the raspberry installation ?

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    We are using Raspberry Pi only for internal.  The full distribution needs work.  So it is not plug and play. Someone tried it already, something broke and we have no bandwidth to fix it. 

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    Glen Urbina

    Any chance I can get this working on Docker on a Odroid XU4? Should be the same as Raspberry Pi but I've read around that it won't work as the app requires the QR code...

    I could get it working and adjust the code, but how do I get it to pair with the app?

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    If you can wait a couple of months until we have a bit more time, everyone is tied up with our own platforms, and these platforms do feed us ... which then help us get more good people to build an awesome product

    In short, everything used to work and we just have zero (maybe even negative time) to make every single platform work ...

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