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    Adblocking in general will never be mature.  Adblocking is tricky, and both an art and science. So as the reason we have a strict and a not-so-strict version of the blocks.  Some of you are more sensitive to ads, some are not, so pick your Adblock mode wisely.  Strict mode will always cause issues ... (remember, adblocking is not a natural thing to do)

    @Pieter for your particular problem, you can add a rule to "allow" the site you can't access.  That rule will give an exception to the adblocker. 

    When you are adding the rule, make sure it applies to the same devices that you have adblocker on. 

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    Pieter van der Wal

    Please note:

    Understand that the strict ad block option is not 'Mature" at this time.

    as feedback please note that the strict Ad Block does limit access to Tubi TV (

    Once you set Ad Bock back to Default you can again access Tubi TV.

    Found this on all devices - laptops/IOS/Roku/Browsers

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